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(Dis)figuring War: Literature and the Arts, 1918-2018



4:30-7pm - 1st PANEL   

Chair: Russell Berman (Stanford University, Professor)

Greg Chase (College of the Holy Cross, Lecturer), ‘Death is not an event of life’: How Wittgenstein’s war experience re-Shaped his philosophy

Victoria Zurita (Stanford University, PhD Student), Ironic Prospects: Hope in Jean Giono’s 'To the Slaughterhouse'

André Fischer (Auburn University, Assistant Professor), Politics by Other Means: War photography in the work of Ernst Jünger

Nicholas Jenkins (Stanford University, Associate Professor), The Unknown Grave of the Warrior



9–11am - 2nd PANEL

Chair: Jennifer Scappettone (University of Chicago, Associate Professor)

Aubrey Knox (CUNY, PhD Student), The Regulated Body: The Grand Palais as military hospital in World War I

Joanna Fiduccia (Reed College, Assistant Professor), A Destructive Character: Alberto Giacometti’s 'Crisis of the Monument'

Hadrien Laroche (INHA, France, Philosopher and Researcher), Duchamp's Waste: Trauma, violence and eesthetics

11-11:30 - COFFEE BREAK

11:30am-12:45pm – KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Jay Winter (Yale University, Emeritus Professor), All the Things We Cannot Hear: Silences of the Great War

12:45-2pm - LUNCH BREAK

2-4:30pm - 3rd PANEL

Chair: Peter Stansky (Stanford University, Emeritus Professor)

Martin Löschnigg (University of Graz, Austria, Professor), ‘The extreme fury of war self-multiplies’: First World War literature and the aesthetics of loss

Ron Ben-Tovim (Ben Gurion Univ., Israel, Post-Doc), Boris Shoshitaishvili (Stanford, PhD Student), Re-Enchanting the World after War: J. R. R. Tolkien, David Jones, and the Revision of Epic

Anna Abramson (MIT, Post-Doc), Atmospheric Myths of The Great War

Isaac Blacksin (UC Santa Cruz, PhD Student), Senseless Encounter, Immutable Sense: The contradictions of reporting war

4:30-4:45pm - COFFEE BREAK

4:45-6pm - KEYNOTE

Alexander Nemerov (Stanford University, Professor), A Soldier Killed in the First World War



Friday, November 9, 2018 (All day)


Stanford Humanities Center


Stanford Humanities Center, DLCL, Department of Art & Art History, The Europe Center, TAPS, H&S Dean's Office


Free and open to the public.