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DLCL Film Series on the Western: The Wild Bunch (1969, Sam Peckinpah, USA)

The Wild Bunch (1969, Sam Peckinpah, USA)
“We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all.” Peckinpah’s violent and nostalgic farewell to the Old West has William Holden and Ernest Borgnine lead a band of ageing outlaws as they seek a quiet retirement, fleeing to Mexico following a final bank raid.  Their past follows them down in the form of a group of bounty hunters marshalled by a former member of the bunch.   Times have changed, technology has advanced, their style of life is disappearing but when one of their own is captured the choice of escape or a suicidal rescue mission it becomes apparent that the wild must go down with the Wild West.
Introduced by Samuel Gibson



Wednesday, February 12, 2014. 07:00 PM


Building 260 (Pigott Hall), Room 113


Department of German Studies, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages




Admission is free and open to the public. Undergraduates interested in attending more than one film in the series are encouraged to enroll in DLCL 152A for one unit. Graduate Students enroll for DLCL 354A.