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The Environmental Humanities Seminar 2015-2016: Drought

Please join the Environmental Humanities Project for the first seminar in our year-long inquiry into drought. The purpose of this year's quarterly seminar is to explore the history, present, and future of California's freshwater resources. Each quarter, we select one focus text (corresponding to a theme) along with suggested supplementary texts and a film recommendation such that participants in the seminar will have at least one common text to discuss. We anticipate that each participant will also bring background knowledge to bear on this subject and thus help create a vibrant cross-disciplinary dialogue.
Our first seminar is entitled “Land Claims, Settlement, and California's Irrigation Economy.”  For more information and a list of readings for the event, please visit us on the web:



Tuesday, November 17, 2015. 06:00 PM


Margaret Jacks Hall (Bldg. 460) Terrace Room, 4th floor


Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, Program in Modern Thought and Literature