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Estonia - Big Data Startups || Berlin v Barcelona - Co-Working Spaces

European Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Stanford Engineering (ME421)
Our seventh session in 'European ETL' this Winter Quarter showcases another highly innovative and creative software startup out of Estonia that is a leader in the emerging planetary/oceanic big data sector. We also present our first co-working space enterprise, with operations in Berlin, Barcelona, Sofia and Hamburg; co-working spaces form an essential element of Europe's startup support services sector.
Our Estonian government partner ENTERPRISE ESTONIA - SILICON VALLEYwill also present a brief overview of Estonia's extensive innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem around software|computing|security|eGovt.
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  • Rainer Sternfeld - CEO & Founder, PlanetOS (EE)
  • Max von der Ahé - Co-Founder, betahaus Berlin (DE)
  • Jordi Subiras - Co-Founder, betahaus Barcelona (ES)
  • Andrus Viirg - Director, Enterprise Estonia - Silicon Valley (EE)

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Mondays 4:30pm - 5:45pm. Stanford Engineering's 'European Entrepreneurship and Innovation' is a weekly speaker series that presents founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and other leaders from Europe's hitech startup, venture finance, corporate and university communities. 
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Monday, March 2, 2015. 04:30 PM


Hewlett 201 Auditorium (Hewlett Teaching Center, Engineering Campus)


European Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Stanford Engineering, Design Group, Mechanical Engineering




Open to the Public at no charge. Stanford Alumni and Silicon Valley professionals welcome. No Pre-Registration required.
Full length videos of each session are made available via our Youtube Channel by the following Friday of each week.