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I Learn Therefore I Buy: An Intersection of Learning and Business with Rich Media

Sourabh Kothari, I Learn Therefore I Buy: An Intersection of Learning and Business with Rich Media. If knowledge is the key to decision-making, we live in an age of knowledge abundance for almost every business decision that needs to be made. Yet the more we learn the less we seem to know and thus we find ourselves less decisive than ever. Clearly emotions and our relationships with people, brands and ideas play an integral part in how we make decisions at work. See how these all come together when professionals engage via video and webinars and how rich media influences their behavior. For over 15 years Sourabh Kothari has managed teams that drive business results through videos and webinars, collectively known as Rich Media. Using foundational concepts for storytelling his team’s Business To Business (B2B) programs have been viewed more than a million times on YouTube by customers, partners and employees. Delivering over 2,000 webinars to professionals from Wall Street to Silicon Valley he focuses on every aspect of engagement, interaction and how learning, content and knowledge influences business relationships.
Interactive media and games increasingly pervade and shape our society. In addition to their dominant roles in entertainment, videogames play growing roles in education, arts, science and health. This seminar series brings together a diverse set of experts to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on these media regarding their history, technologies, scholarly research, industry, artistic value and potential future. As the speakers and title suggest, the series also provides a topical lens for the diverse aspects of our lives.



Tuesday, May 3, 2016. 12:00 PM


Braun Lecture Hall, Seeley G. Mudd Chemistry Building


Bio-X Program, mediaX


Free and open to the public on space available basis.
Also listed as one-unit course BIOE196