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Meat Consumption in Africa: Culture, History, Zooarchaeology - New Approaches to Old Problems: Research and Ethics

Last in a series of three seminars moderated by Dr. Krish Seetah, Department of Anthropology.
Come join us for a seminar on new research methods and the ethical implications of these approaches to studying meat production. Dr. Krish Seetah’s work on meat processing in the archaeological record and modern cattle herding practices in a Maasai community in Kenya will be a jumping-off point for this discussion. Perspectives on issues of food and its impacts on public health, environment and identify-formation globally are welcome!



Tuesday, June 2, 2015. 05:30 PM


Lecture Hall, Stanford Archaeology Center, 488 Escondido Mall


Archaeology Center, Department of Anthropology, Center for African Studies




Dinner and refreshments provided.
For more information and to access pre-seminar materials email Hannah Moots at