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Nathan Large: Out of Our Heads – The Music of Kooman and Dimond

Musical theater is an artistic medium through which an individual utilizes song to tell a story. These stories can be of any nature, from saddening to uplifting or from optimistic to cynical. Regardless of subject matter, each story shares a common central motif; the stories attempt to bridge the infinite gap that exists between the human condition and human understanding. While it does try to explain, the purpose of musical theater is not to bring about solutions to unanswerable questions, but to provide a sense of satisfaction and unity between artist, audience, and the conceptualization of humanity. Out of Our Heads: The Music of Kooman and Dimond is no exception to these overarching tenets of musical theater theory. Yet this particular presentation is unique in the story(ies) it tells. Where the great majority of musical theater addresses the infinitely-multifaceted subject of the human condition through a single continuous plotline, Out of Our Heads tells eleven different stories, each with its own plot and narrator, in less than five minutes per story. Some are side-splittingly hilarious, while others bring tear-jerking heartbreak. Each scene presents ideas more rich and raw in its nuance and idiosyncrasy than the previous, yet one can find unity in the realism and truth behind the obstacles that the characters face, placing the characters and audience members underneath the umbrella of the human condition.
Featured performers:

  • Kyle Robinson
  • Clarissa Carter
  • Nathan Large
  • Matt Herero
  • Peter Kurzner
  • Zoë Sonnenburg
  • Justine DeSilva
  • Miles Petrie
  • Saya Jenks
  • Preston Lim
  • Accompanist: Marty Zack, piano



Sunday, May 15, 2016. 02:30 PM


Campbell Recital Hall


Department of Music