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Peace & Justice Studies Initiative at Stanford: an introductory meeting

Can Stanford benefit from new courses, conferences, and projects in the field of  Peace & Justice Studies? What curricular gaps need to be filled?  How should we coordinate the relevant offerings that exist?  Should we work toward a dedicated program in Peace & Justice Studies?
The meeting will include: A new film, made by Stanford students, on academic programs in peace/justice studies across the country; presentations by faculty and students who have created this initiative; open discussion; refreshments.
Peace & Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that emphasizes the study of nonviolent and transformative approaches to problems such as injustice and violence.  Areas of study include:
• Nonviolence, violence, and civil resistance        • Peacemaking       
• Transformative justice        • Well-being
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Thursday, February 20, 2014. 07:00 PM


Wallenberg Hall, Learning Theater (160-124)


Peace & Justice Studies Initiative


Free and open to the public