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Policing the City: Violence, Visibility and the Law

This conference tries to address current questions of policing, visibility and legality, as well as and the underlying fundamental sociological correlates, from a global and comparative perspective.  Our ambition is to bring together scholars who have studied policing practices in the Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe with scholars who study and engage racialized policing and incarceration in North America. Our ambition is to bring together perspectives that draw on ethnographic evidence, legal studies, statistics and critical analysis of race and ethnicity in an intense global conversation on policing, visibility and law over two days at Stanford University.


Urban Beyond Measure, a research initiative that since 2013 has promoted scholarly conversation on how a deep understanding of the lived realities and historical trajectories of burgeoning megacities in the Global South can help us re-conceptualize urban theory and engage with urban experiences in the 21st century.


The conference organizer is Graham Denyer Willis, University Lecturer in Development Studies and Latin American Studies and the University of Cambridge. Graham is a Visiting Scholar at the department of Anthropology at Stanford University in the Winter and Spring of 2017. The conference coordinator is Firat Bozcali, who is writing his dissertation on smugglers in Kurdistan in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017. 09:00 AM


Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center


The Urban Beyond Measure Initiative, the Department of Anthropology, Stanford Humanities Center.