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Soul Wounds: Trauma and Healing across Generations

Neither Trauma nor community are imagined, but have biological and social realities. The conflicts of the distant past continue to affect us, as descendants struggle with inherited injury and structural injustice. Scientists, humanists, artists, and activists can work together to heal our collective hurts through cultural insight, scientific discovery, and humanitarian aid. 
Join us for a three-day conference on research and action. Events include interactive panels, a storytelling performance on Friday, June 5th in Pigott Theater at 8PM, and plenary sessions featuring:
Dr. Michael Skinner, Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University
Angelika Bammer, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Emory University
Lyra Montiero, Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers University
Steven Olweean, Director of the Common Bond Institute
Dr. David Spiegel, Professor Psychiatry and Behavorial Sciences at the Stanford School of Medicine



Saturday, June 6, 2015 (All day)


Lane History Corner/Stanford Humanities Center


Stanford Research Group on Collective Trauma and Healing


Free and open to the public. Registration and full program available at