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Triple-Strength Leadership in Diplomatic and Non-Profit Work: A Focus on the Middle East & Latin America

Our world is increasingly dominated by specialists with narrow areas of expertise and focus in disciplines like government, business, science, and medicine.  While the march toward ultra-specialization brings with it important advances for society, the trend also raises the specter of the decline of professionals with broad-based interdisciplinary knowledge -- generalists.  A new movement argues that solving society’s most vexing problems requires the development of more “Triple Strength Leaders” -- professionals who have experience in and can move easily between the business, government, and social/non-profit spheres.  Yet, it is becoming harder to develop such individuals, owing to a widening disparity between business, government, and nonprofit incomes; the onerous confirmation process for senior government jobs; and differing incentives and cultures in the three sectors.  
  Jeffrey Collins (Stanford 1993; Economics and History) is Vice President of One, Inc., a technology and communications startup that runs the largest teen-focused social network, After School.  He has spent his twenty-year career moving among government, business, and nonprofit sectors.  His inter-disciplinary education and background have helped him to navigate and resolve complex challenges such as standing up a new government in Iraq, re-building broken U.S.-Turkish bilateral relations, and re-thinking corporate social responsibility approaches at Chevron.  In his talk, Mr. Collins will highlight how both the successes and failures in his own career support the proposition that now, more than ever, it is critical for our society to embrace fully the importance of Triple Strength Leaders who can easily move across cultures -- both geographic and professional.



Thursday, March 2, 2017. 12:30 PM


Encina Hall West, Room 219


Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, Stanford In Government, Mediterranean Studies Forum, Stanford Global Studies Division


Event open to Stanford students only. RSVP here