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Humanities Roadshow

Calling all Humanists!

How would you explain your research to your grandma? 
Why did you decide to pursue the humanities? 
Who will be doing this kind of research in 10-20 years? 
The Humanities Roadshow helps humanists become more effective communicators to people outside their own fields. In April 2015, the we will host poster fairs at a local high school and a community college to share what humanists do with students who are at a crossroads in their education, and hopefully, to inspire them to keep studying the humanities. We aim to present a diverse range of projects and seek students in all humanistic disciplines to join us. Tentatively, we also plan to host a joint poster session with STEM students who participated in our sister program, STAR (Science Teaching through Art), to build bridges between our fields. 
We are looking for students who are excited about sharing their research and interested in making the humanities accessible to the wider public. Grad students and Postdocs from all humanistic disciplines are welcome!
To prepare your posters, please join us for two workshops: Teaching the Humanities on February 25th, and Visual Storytelling on March 4th. You will develop an engaging and accessible presentation of your project, as well as a visually compelling poster. You do NOT need to have a project ready in order to participate. Participants must attend at least one of the two workshops in order to join the Roadshow in spring quarter.

Need help with your poster? Check out the resources page.

Roadshow Schedule

Workshop on Teaching the Humanities
Wednesday, February 25th, 2:00-3:30 pm
Humanities Center Boardroom
Professor Ari Kelman, Graduate School of Education
Corrie Goldman, Director of Humanities Communication, Stanford Humanities Center
Workshop on Visual Storytelling: Conveying Research through Visual Media 
Wednesday, March 4th, 4:00-5:30 pm
Humanities Center Boardroom
Alya Rachel Raphael, Oral Communications Program, Hume Center for Writing and Speaking
Jenny Strakovsky, PhD Candidate in German Studies
Open Session: Poster Development
Wednesday, March 11th, 4:00-7:00 pm
Room TBA to participants.

Deadline for Finished Posters: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

High School and Community College Visits, Weeks of April 13th and April 19th, 2015

Why a Humanities Roadshow? 

Harvard University's controversial 2013 report, Mapping the Future, raised an important concern for the humanities as a 21st century field. The report's central finding was that the specialized research common to our field has rendered the humanities “largely impenetrable to a wider public,” and thus, alienating to students. Making the humanities accessible to the public is doubly important here at Stanford, positioned as we are in the midst of the Silicon Valley, one of the nation's most STEM-focused communities.
The goal of the Roadshow is to explain the humanities to wider audiences. We hope to give other graduate students an opportunity to consider the broader purpose of their work, and to take steps toward inspiring the next generation of humanities scholars.
We concur with the scientific community about the need to actively inspire young people to pursue research and education. Drawing on the STEM model of the poster session and inspired by Stanford’s STAR program, the Roadshow invites graduate students to create a visual display of their research, and will host poster sessions at local high schools, where grad students can present these projects. We will have several workshops for students to learn about effective communication and poster design leading up to these events.
We would also like to break down the barriers between the humanities and the sciences which have been leading to isolation and misconceptions between these disciplines. We plan to host an on-campus poster session that will join the Roadshow participants with STAR participants from 2014. We hope that we can start shifting attitudes about the divide between STEM and the Humanities in more productive directions.


The Humanities Roadshow is sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement. 

Questions? Please email Jenny Strakovsky at 
For more information about the Office of Community Engagement, please email Gynthea Geerdes at