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January 4, 2016
John Rickford, professor of linguistics, discusses how "African American English" is inseparable...
August 23, 2010
Stanford Professors and Ebonics experts John Rickford and H. Samy Alim share their views on new DEA...
June 14, 2009
NPR, June 14, 2009
Black History Month includes Film Fest Pittsburgh Post Gazette, January 30, 2003
Stanford Physics Professor who Overcame Racism is Dead San Jose Mercury News, May 5, 2001
The N Word: Does Anyone Have the Right to Say it? Chicago Tribune, June 11, 2006
Good Teaching - What is it? LA Times, January 10, 1993
Stanford University: Building a Critical Mass of Black Faculty Journal of Blacks in Higher...


  • Linguistics and Language
  • Ebonics
  • Pidgin Creole Studies
  • Vernacular Englishes
  • African American Vernacular English
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Urban Education
  • Social Class
  • Ethnic Identity
  • Guyana
  • African American Culture and Literature
  • History of the English Language