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November 10, 2015
René Girard was a professor emeritus of French and Italian. Robert Harrison, also a professor of...
July 17, 2015
In an article on cryonics, tech and the quest for eternal youth, Stanford literary scholar Robert...
December 10, 2014
"Inside Higher Ed" reviews "Juvenescence: A Cultural History of Our Age," a book by Robert Harrison...
November 11, 2014
Robert Harrison, professor of French and Italian, discusses his new book "Juvenescence," on how...
July 21, 2014
Stanford scholar Robert Harrison Pogue posits in "The New York Review of Books" that Silicon Valley...
August 2, 2010
A team of undergraduate students from Stanford’s Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (...
May 27, 2010
San Jose Mercury News
May 14, 2010
When Stanford profs and students jam with their band, classics get a soulful spin.
May 5, 2010
Department of French and Italian professor Robert Harrison, assistant professor Daniel Edelstein,...
December 29, 2009
Washington Post, December 15, 2009
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, April 30, 2007
New York Times, December 10, 2008


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