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Professor Shahzad Bashir specializes in Islamic Studies with his primary interests in the intellectual and social history of Persianate Islamic Societies (ca. 1300-1600). He joined Stanford's Department of Religious Studies in September 2007. He teaches courses on various topics in Islamic Studies and on the study of religions in general.

Bashir has published on numerous topics, ranging between Sufism, Shi'ism, and history and historiography in Islamic societies from the medieval period to the present. His current major project, for which he has received fellowships from the Stanford Humanities Center and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, is entitled Persianate Pasts: Memory, Narration, and Ideology in the Islamic East, 1400-1600.

Key works

Co-edited with Robert D. Crews. Harvard University Press, 2012.

Oneworld Publications, 2005.

Prof. Bashir in the News

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  • Sufism
  • Shi'ism
  • Medieval Islam
  • Persianate Islamic Societies
  • Corporeality
  • Messianism
  • Apocalypticism
  • Muslims and Modernity

Contact information


B.A., Amherst College, 1991
Ph.D., Yale University, 1998