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Anti-Ethnography With Filmmaker Adam Khalil

Date and Time: 
Friday, November 2, 2018. 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Meeting Location: 
McMurtry 115
Intersections of Documentary Filmmaking, Race, and Engagement
Meeting Description: 

A workshop and presentation featuring filmmaker Adam Khalil. Adam Khalil and Zack Khalil’s film INAATE/SE/ re-imagines an ancient Ojibway story, the Seven Fires Prophecy, which both predates and predicts first contact with Europeans. A kaleidoscopic experience blending documentary, narrative, and experimental forms, INAATE/SE/ transcends linear colonized history to explore how the prophecy resonates through the generations in their indigenous community within Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. With acute geographic specificity, and grand historical scope, the film fixes its lens between the sacred and the profane to pry open the construction of contemporary indigenous identity.

In addition to INAATE/SE/ Khalil will be presenting excerpts from ANTI-ETHNOGRAPHY and works in progress.

Adam Shingwak Khalil (Ojibway) is a filmmaker and artist. His practice attempts to subvert traditional forms of ethnography through humor, relation, and transgression. Adam's work has been exhibited at UnionDocs, e-flux, Maysles Cinema, Microscope Gallery (New York), Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual (Mexico City), Spektrum (Berlin), Trailer Gallery (Sweden), Carnival of eCreativity (Bombay), and Fine Art Film Festival Szolnok (Hungary). Khalil is a UnionDocs Collaborative Fellow and Gates Millennium Scholar. In 2011 he graduated from the Film and Electronic Arts program at Bard College.