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A Big Book of Big Spaces: Remezov’s Chorography

Date and Time: 
Monday, May 6, 2019. 05:30 PM
Meeting Location: 
Humanities Center Boardroom
Eurasian Empires 2018
Meeting Description: 

We will meet at 5:30 for dinner. Then Erika Monahan, associate professor of history at University of New Mexico, will give a short background sketch of her work, followed by questions and discussion.

Erika Monahan is an associate professor of Russian history at University of New Mexico. She received her PhD from Stanford University in 2007. Dr. Monahan's research interests include the Rus', Muscovy, the Russian Empire, as well as borderlands and frontiers. Apart from being an author of several articles in reputed journals, she published her first monograph entitled The Merchants of Siberia: Trade in Early Modern Eurasia in 2016.