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Judson Loves Transsexuals: A Genealogy of Transgender Dance

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, November 28, 2018. 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Meeting Location: 
McMurtry, Room 007
Feminist/Queer Colloquium
Meeting Description: 

Choreography can generate the shape of an alternate genealogy. This talk thinks between transgender and dance, conceptualizing identity as a performance of building. Looking at the work of dance and performance artist Yve Laris Cohen and his critical engagements with the material and historical forces of Judson Dance Theater (1962-4), this talk traces the emergence of 'transgender dance' alongside the aesthetics of identity movements.

Jeanne Vaccaro is a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in feminist arts and sciences at UC Davis. She received her PhD in performance studies at New York University, and her scholarly and curatorial practice explore history and theory of trans and queer life. Her book in process, Handmade: Feelings and Textures of Transgender, considers the felt labor of making identity and was awarded the Arts Writers Grant by Creative Capital | the Andy Warhol Foundation. She is also the recipient of the Alan Bérubé prize for outstanding LGBT public history awarded by the American Historical Association. With AJ Lewis she co-founded the New York City Trans Oral History Project, a community archive partnership with the New York Public Library. Jeanne is a Queer|Art curatorial fellow, and she organized Bring Your Own Body: transgender between archives and aesthetics for the Cooper Union. Future exhibitions include Curriculum: spaces of learning and unlearning (efa Project Space) and Adjuvant: AIDS Architectures (Leslie Lohman Gay and Lesbian Museum of Art). Her scholarly writing and criticism appear in GLQ, TSQ, Radical History Review, Trap Door, The Transgender Studies Reader 2, and Social Text.