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Multispecies Justice in the Anthropocene

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, February 16, 2016. 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Meeting Location: 
Margaret Jacks Hall (Building 460), Terrace Room (4th Floor)
Interdisciplinary Working Group in Critical Theory
Meeting Description: 
Ursula K. Heise is a Professor of English at UCLA and a faculty member of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES). She is a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow and was President of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) in 2011. Her research and teaching focus on contemporary environmental culture, literature and art in the Americas, Western Europe and Japan; theories of globalization; literature and science; and the digital humanities. Her books include Chronoschisms: Time, Narrative, and Postmodernism (Cambridge University Press, 1997), Sense of Place and Sense of Planet: The Environmental Imagination of the Global (Oxford University Press, 2008), and Nach der Natur: Das Artensterben und die moderne Kultur [After Nature: Species Extinction and Modern Culture] (Suhrkamp, 2010). She is currently working on a book entitled Where the Wild Things Used To Be: Narrative, Database, and Endangered Species.
Meeting description:
The event is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Working Group in Critical Theory and Stanford Environmental Humanities Project with generous support from the Program in Modern Thought and Literature.
Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.