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Geballe Research Workshops Call for Proposals

Who May Apply

The Stanford Humanities Center (SHC) is now accepting proposals for research workshops from within the over 40 departments and programs of Stanford University’s School of Humanities and Sciences. 

  • Each proposal’s research theme shall be determined by a team consisting of at least one Stanford Humanities and Sciences Faculty member and one Graduate Student. 
  • Each workshop team consists of a core group of faculty and advanced graduate students who will meet outside of their departmental boundaries for truly interdisciplinary collaborations focused on the central theme. 
  • One advanced graduate student for each team shall be designated as the Graduate Student Coordinator for the Workshop.

Team Commitment

  • Plan and organize at least three workshop events per quarter.
  • Invite speakers from inside and outside the Stanford University community to present and discuss relevant current research.
  • Publicize events to the Stanford community.

Proposal Classifications

  • NEW: First time applicant proposing a research theme never before funded by the Stanford Humanities Center.
  • RENEWAL: Current (AY 2019-20) SHC Geballe Research Workshop applicant seeking an additional year of funding and not currently in the fourth year of continuous funding.
    • Geballe Research Workshops currently receiving their fourth or fifth year of continuous funding are required to take a mandatory sabbatical and may not apply for upcoming AY funds.
  • RETURNING: An applicant proposing previously funded research themes (prior to AY 2019-20) seeking additional funding.

Click HERE to download the application and instructions.

Proposal Review

Applicants proposing New workshop themes are encouraged to submit a draft application for review by Humanities Center staff prior to their final submission. New Proposal Drafts will be accepted between now and April 20, 2020.


Up to 15 workshop proposals will be accepted and each team will receive $11,000 per workshop for the academic year. This amount includes a $3,000 stipend for the Graduate Student Coordinator.

CFP Deadline

Applications are due April 27, 2020.

Funded workshops will be notified via electronic mail no later than May 15, 2020.

If you have questions, contact Stanford Humanities Center associate director Andrea Rees Davies / 723-2793 or the research workshop administrator Carol Guthrie / 724-8169.