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Opportunities for Graduate Students

General Resources

BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Career coaching appointments, workshops, and networking events for both academic and non-academic job searches

Haas Center for Public Service

Opportunities for service and community-engaged scholarship

Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project

Hone your skills at writing about the humanities for non-academic audiences.


A career exploration and planning tool for the humanities and social sciences.

Pathways for Humanities PhDs

Workshop series exploring the many different career possibilities for doctoral students in the humanities and arts.

Stanford PhD Alumni Employment Project

Learn about the career outcomes of past Stanford PhD graduates

Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE)

Central hub for graduate professional development programs across all disciplines

Teaching Opportunities and Careers

Collaborative Teaching Project in the Humanities

Design and co-teach humanities courses with Stanford faculty

English Department Conferences on Teaching Careers

Watch videos of past conferences on high school and community college careers

Graduate Teaching Opportunities

Comprehensive list of grad teaching opportunities on and off campus

Placement Agencies for Independent Schools

Private high schools often recruit teachers through national placement agencies: 

Preparing Future Professors (PFP)

Learn what it is like to be a professor at a large public university, liberal arts college, or community college by shadowing faculty at local schools. Apply in early spring or fall.

Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)

Renowned MA certification program for public high school teachers. Apply in January. 

(Note: the H-STEP Fellowship, which used to fund humanities doctoral graduates in this program, has been discontinued).

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Offers programs and resources to enhance teaching

Careers in Higher Education Administration

PhD Pathways in Higher Education

Explore non-faculty careers in academic administration

Careers in Business, Government, and Nonprofit Organizations

Humanists at Lage

Winter-spring program exploring careers for humanities PhDs throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Apply in the fall.

Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Program

External fellowship that places recent humanities PhD graduates in two-year staff positions in government and nonprofit organizations. Apply in spring.

National Inventory of Humanities Organizations

Searchable databse for nonprofit, for-profit, and government institutions engaged in humanities scholarship, policy or public engagement.

Stanford Ignite

Subsidized summer program at the GSB in business fundamentals. Apply in March.

Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)

Entrepreneurship education center at the School of Engineering. Open to all disciplines.

Discipline-Specific Resources for Non-Faculty Careers

American Historical Association

Career Diversity for Historians

American Philosophical Association

Beyond Academia: Professional Opportunities for Philosophers

Modern Language Association

Connected Academics (non-faculty career resources for language and literature PhDs)

The Paideia Institute

The Legion Project (non-faculty career resources for Classics PhDs)

Society for Classical Studies

Career Advice for Graduate Students (and others)

Academic Professional Development