Welcome to Colloquies, a dynamic gathering of new and recent work on emerging topics in the humanities. For each Colloquy, a curator selects from a variety of intellectual work in different modes — journal articles, book chapters, multimedia recordings, and blog posts — to assemble a conversation. These topical clusters draw upon the best material that circulates through places where intellectual work is cultivated, including humanities centers, journals, presses, and other digital venues for scholarship and commentary, as well as Arcade's rich content. The feature was developed with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Colloquies are built for interaction: they evolve as new material appears, while the older ones are archived and remain available. Visitors to Arcade are invited to submit their own contributions to open Colloquies for consideration by the curator. Of course, all Colloquies encourage comments.

How can readers become curators? All Colloquies, like everything published on Arcade, may be remixed into a discrete anthology, which we call "My Colloquies." A button under the title of each item permits readers to create their own collections, which may be shared with friends, a class, or a reading group, or maintained for personal reflection.