21st-Century Marxisms


From the pages of The New York Times and The Nation to those of the American Spectator, social commentators  advanced, debunked, and fretted over the claim that 2014 marked a comeback year for Marxist thought.


Michelle Jia

We Are Not Communists—We Are "Hermeneutic Communists"
Santiago Zabala
Gianni Vattimo
Zabala and Vattimo argue for a hermeneutic communism, which operates without the assumption of metaphysical truth and without the impositions and violence that accompany such positions. This approach represents a new way forward for the international Left.
Beyond the Engine
Alyssa Battistoni
The horizon of struggle isn’t endless; indeed, it’s starting to look shorter than ever. So what does Marxism mean in a century whose prospects look bleak?
The Black Swan
Joseph Vogl
Joseph Vogl discusses Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis and the semiotics of speculative finance markets in the introduction to his brilliant interdisciplinary book.
McKenzie Wark
McKenzie Wark poses the question, "What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like?"
All That Is Solid Melts into Air (Again)
David Palumbo-Liu
Our current system of credit-based capitalism entails not only the material, but the social, moral, and affective estrangement of its subjects. Is there a way out?

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