Hope: The Future of an Idea


In a troubled age, hope may seem an elusive feeling. Alongside its history as a virtue, a political concept, and a psychological state, it enjoys a vivid presence as a necessary but poorly understood experience in everyday life. To reframe it in the context of this Colloquy, we might ask: how has hope been defined and critiqued? Where does it lie latent or unacknowledged? And how does the work of the humanities depend on hope, and perhaps arouse it? 

If Pandora's Box Was a Cargo Container

Reflecting on Ever Given, the cargo ship stuck for six days in the Suez Canal in 2021, Young discusses the call to open a single cargo container as an Afrofuturist manifestation that moves beyond the logics of individual capitalism.

Hope Two Ways

Getachew reflects on two forms of hope: a deference to fate and fortune on the one hand, and an active prefiguration or performance of hope on the other.

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