The Nature of Literary Being

Are characters in novels more than verbal representations of individuals or collective subjects?

Not I
Carrol Clarkson
Through his use of the third person, and other narrative strategies of subjective displacement, J.M. Coetzee poses a challenge to the idea of supposedly stable “centres of consciousness," not least, the author’s centre of consciousness.
Persons and Optics
Work in Progress
Peter Brooks
“Embodiment” surely does take place. But we still have everything to learn about how and why.
Being in Love
Claire Jarvis
For most of its short generic life, the novel has depended on marriage and childbirth as signs of sexual relationship, and has had a difficulty representing sexual life beyond marriage and childbirth without the assistance of figurative language. How do novels, especially those of D.H. Lawrence, represent sex?
Being in Fiction: Recognition and the Ownership of Life
Sylvia Molloy
I find myself here in the rather awkward position of speaking from two different perspectives, one, that of the novelist, the other, that of the critic. For a long time I have argued against this notion of two perspectives, considering them simply different modulations, or entonaciones, as Borges would call them, of my writing. Yet I find myself caught in my own trap.
​Probability and Literary Being
By Invitation
Hannah Walser
J.D. Porter
Why write a dialogue? The ideas that follow grew out of conversations between the two of us, and although they might someday find their way into a journal article or a book chapter, it seemed worthwhile to acknowledge them for what they are now: speculative and provisional, germinal, we hope, in both senses of that word.

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