Precariousness and Aesthetics

This Colloquy assembles an interdisciplinary group of voices that consider the relationships between aesthetics and precariousness.

Towards a Grammar of Emergency
Open Review
Hal Foster
The Swiss-born artist Thomas Hirschhorn builds from the bad new days, not the good old ones, as Bertolt Brecht urged us all to do. This is so because Hirschhorn aims to confront the present, which, in his idiom, is also to ‘agree’ with it.
Improper Selves: Cultures of Precarity
Peer Review
Gabriel Giorgi
Giorgi considers the relationship between neoliberalism and precarity in Latin American fiction and documentary film. 
Precarity and Performance: An Introduction
Peer Review
Nicholas Ridout and Rebecca Schneider
Ridout and Schneider ask whether performance-based art and affective engagement can help us understand the nexus of capital, neoliberalism, and precarity. 

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