Call for Digital Public Fellows

Arcade, the open-access website now under the auspices of the Stanford Humanities Center (SHC), is seeking Digital Public Fellows to serve as editors. A digital salon for the humanities, Arcade publishes research and reflection across disciplines, historical periods, and generations.

Digital Public Fellows gain experience and insight into the world of academic publishing, particularly Open Access publishing, through editorial contributions to several features of the site: Colloquies, Interventions, and scholarly journals such as Occasion and Republics of Letters.

  • Colloquies are collections of recent or forthcoming work on a topic of emerging interest. Organized by one or more curators who are often senior scholars, the items in a Colloquy may include book chapters, journal articles, videos, blog posts, or informal essays. The thirty-plus partners who provide their content include presses (both academic and commercial), journals, and research institutes. For this feature the Digital Public Fellows consult curators about editorial vision, obtain content from partners, and adapt it to Arcade's format. Colloquies are open to submissions.

  • Interventions are topical, often informal blog posts. While there is a community of regular bloggers with whom the responsible Digital Public Fellows remain in contact, the feature welcomes scholars, artists, and others from the SHC to offer occasional contributions. The Fellows who focus on Interventions consult authors about their contributions and edit the content for publication in Arcade’s format. Those who have previously filled this role have become trusted interlocutors for their contributors, most of whom are outside Stanford.

  • Dibur, Occasion, and Republics of Letters are the three digital-only journals within Arcade. Dibur and Republics of Letters are conventionally peer-reviewed, while Occasion is overseen by an editorial board whose members take responsibility for individual issues. For this feature the Digital Public Fellows serve as managing editors, working closely with the senior editors and board to oversee the direction of the journals, consult with authors, and edit content.

Digital Public Fellows are Stanford graduate students, often in the earlier stages of their careers, appointed for a one-year term with the possibility of renewal for a second year. They are part of the SHC Fellows community, with access to a wide range of research opportunities, collaboration, and events. They meet on a monthly basis with the SHC Digital Manager to develop editorial strategies and discuss their projects. All Digital Public Fellows receive a nominal stipend.


Prior experience in editorial positions is preferred. Interested candidates should send a resume and a cover letter to Rachel Karas, Digital Manager at the SHC, at