Coming Soon: Colloquies

Over the next several weeks, Arcade will introduce Colloquies, the feature we’ve developed over the past year with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. A new model of intellectual exchange, Colloquies gathers recent and forthcoming work on an emerging topic, from informal to peer-reviewed. The feature intends to enrich conversations in the humanities by sharing ideas across modalities (e.g. books, journals, lectures, multimedia) and institutional boundaries; perhaps most important, it invites its readers to become contributors. Among the first set of Colloquies are “The Nature of Literary Being,” curated by Nancy Ruttenburg; “Modernism’s Unfinished Business,” curated by Rey Chow; "Imagining the Oceans," curated by Margaret Cohen; and “21st-Century Marxisms,” curated by Adam Morris. We’re eager to show Colloquies to the world, and will welcome your participation.

My Colloquies are shareables: Curate personal collections of blog posts, book chapters, videos, and journal articles and share them with colleagues, students, and friends.

My Colloquies are open-ended: Develop a Colloquy into a course reader, use a Colloquy as a research guide, or invite participants to join you in a conversation around a Colloquy topic.

My Colloquies are evolving: Once you have created a Colloquy, you can continue adding to it as you browse Arcade.