How this ends
May 23, 2017

How this ends:

a) Mossad activates sleeper agent Rahm Emanuel, who takes out Trump with quiet efficiency; or

b) Rogue elements of the FBI, probably the New York office, flip and reveal both October surprise and Comey firing arranged by a Cypriot mafia associate of Kushner; or

c) Russian Chekists take out Priebus and Kellyanne with polonium-tainted TV bronzer, leave Bannon in place; or

d) Steve Miller flips, takes out Bannon, Mercer, and UKIP while he’s at it; or

e) CIA activates secret dossiers on 5 Republican Senators, who suddenly out of patriotic conscience decide to turn on Trump; or

f) Mutiny against Paul Ryan in the House by just enough imperilled GOP Reps to join with Democrats in impeachment articles; or

g) Melania and Ivanka stage a coup to save i) Barron and ii) The Brand; or

h) Ivanka and Jared persuade him the jig is up; all flee to newly-created posh golf resort somewhere in the Crimea; or

i) The George III Option: Trump declared unfit by reason of insanity and a dissolute Regent is named (probably Jared); or

j) KGB assassins blocked in the Rose Garden by Shaolin monks sent by Chinese oligarchs who want to protect their exclusive path to visas; or

k) Both parties realize that a cabal within the GOP has been totally corrupted by the billionaire donor class, belatedly enact campaign reform; or

l) Billionaires squeezed by the CIA, all forced to flee to Cayman Islands where they live out lives in increasingly dismal FyreFestival scenario; or

m) Both parties realize that the core of irrational white supremacy that Nixon bought so dearly for the GOP must be combatted root and branch, like the “constitutional protections” prohibitions against Nazism in postwar Germany; or

n) Fox News labelled an enemy of the state; whole operation flees to Quebec where it starts dismantling Canada; or

o) Rupert Murdoch revealed as Russian agent, all property seized and forfeited; The Guardian buys Sky; or

p) Evangelicals kill Trump to install their Messiah Pence; blame Obama; theocratic regime installed; or

q) Trump, stressed, overdoses on diet pills and has a stroke; or

r) Twitter taken down by massive hacking wave, during which everyone in the line of succession UP TO ORRIN HATCH disappears; or

s) Trump’s second scoop of ice cream is sprinkled with arsenic by the person who runs Rogue Potus Staff twitter account (who is probably a cook); or

t) Louise Mensch and Jill Stein join to form a ruling cabal of Bad Women; or

u) Obama recalled from retirement by popular acclaim, like Cincinnatus called from the plow; National Unity Government formed; or

v) Inspired by Thankful Flower emoji, massive emotional popular movement drives people into streets in praise of empathy and welcome to strangers; they give ecstasy to the GOP and all the guns melt; or

w) French army troops land on Cape Cod; greeted with grateful tears and flowers; or

x) Russian democracy activist kills Putin, is instantly strangled by Putin’s pet bear; or

y) Malia and Chelsea rob Wall Street, use the money to instate Universal Basic Income, or finally

z) Law is passed that no men may vote; women assume all elective office and country returns to normal.

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