OOOIII: The Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium
September 6, 2011

The New School
September 14, 2011
Free and open to the public

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10:15–12:00 Morning Session: 65 W 12th St., room A404

(Ken Wark, moderator)
1. Graham Harman, “The Four Most Typical Objections to OOO”
2. Aaron Pedinotti, “Occasions, Decisions and the Given: Some Remarks on the Technical Underpinnings of the Harman-Shaviro Debate”
3. Steven Shaviro, “Panpsychism And/Or Eliminativism”
4. McKenzie Wark, “P(OO): Praxis (object-oriented)”

12:30–2:30 Luncheon with Jane Bennett, 66 W 12th St., Klein Room A510

The Vera List Center for Art and Politics
NB this is an RSVP event with limited seating. We are working on simulcast possibilities.

2:30–4:00 Afternoon Session: 66 5th Ave., Kellen Auditorium

(Eugene Thacker, moderator)
5. Tim Morton, “Objects, Aesthetics, Causality”
6. Shannon Mattern, “Everything is Infrastructure”
7. Levi Bryant, “Strange Substances: On the Nature of Objects”
8. Mabel Wilson, “Object Lesson – A Pedagogy for Teaching Architects”

4:15–6:00 Roundtable discussion, Bark Room

The panelists (Harman, Pedinotti, Shaviro, Wark, Morton, Mattern, Bryant, Wilson)
Featuring a special video appearance by Ian Bogost


6:00–8:00 Opening, “And Another Thing” exhibition

Co-curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson
The James Gallery, CUNY Graduate Center 365 5th Ave.

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