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2016 Annual Boething Lecture: Todd Dawson

Todd Dawson, Professor Virginia and Robert Gill Chair of Natural History, Departments of Integrataive Biology and Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, University of California - Berkeley
"California's Redwoods in a Rapidly Changing World'
What does the future hold for California's Redwood forests?  What can we learn from the present and past to predict how they'll respond to intensifying changes today, such as in drought, fire, and climate?  Professor Dawson has been involved with California Redwoods since his undergraduate days.  With one eye to policy and management, his research group investigates the environmental conditions and physiological adaptations that drive redwood distruibution. Using historical and current data along with projected future conditions, he elucidates how these iconic trees have stood the tests of time.



Thursday, May 12, 2016. 04:00 PM


Geo Corner Building 320, room 105


Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Center for Conservation Biology, Department of Biology




Reception to follow; Free and open to the public.
For more infomation, contact Michelle Valencia
The Boething Lecture Series, in honor of John and Susan Boething, addresses forest and the human predicament.