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This adaptation of The Bacchae translates Euripides’ classical tragedy into an immersive rave experience. The story of Dionysus’ revenge on Thebes will be poetically re-worked and set in a Stanford that is at once contemporary and mythical, refracting modern rave culture through the lens of ancient myth to reveal how Dionysian religion lives on today. Our Bacchae will begin at the Cantor Arts Center and conclude at the Clark Center, with the action unfolding at various sites in between. We aspire to create a festival of music, art, and performance at this edge of campus - a playground for student artists and spectators alike.



Wednesday, May 20, 2015. 08:00 PM


Begins at Cantor Arts Center's front steps


Stanford Arts Institute, Undergraduate Advising and Research, QuEST, TAPS, SoCA, Comparative Literature


Free with reservation. Begins at Cantor's front steps. Show moves to various locations on campus. All are accessible by elevator and ramps.