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Cipher Screen: a film performance by Greg Pope

Cipher Screen is a live art piece that harnesses the elements and the mechanisms of the cinema. The work uses 2 prepared 16mm projectors with black film loops and a live sound feed. Out of aural and visual darkness, a cacophonous crescendo of sound and image is built!
Working collaboratively and individually, Greg Pope has made video installations, live art pieces and single screen film works since 1996. Recent works include the live cinema performance piece Light Trap, as well as 35mm film productions Shadow Trap and Shot Film. He currently lives in Norway and is actively teaching, projecting, programming and making films.



Thursday, February 27, 2014. 06:00 PM


Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery 419 Lasuen Mall, Stanford University


Humanities Center, Stanford Arts Institute, Department of Art & Art History




Free and open to all!