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CLAS Lecture: Domestic Disturbances: Ramiro Gomez in conversation with Lawrence Weschler

Ramiro Gomez, born in 1986 in San Bernardino, California, to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents, has recently been evoking the divide between affluent Angelenos and their usually invisible domestic help—the nannies, gardeners, housecleaners, and others who make their lifestyles possible—by variously inserting images of such workers into sly pastiches of iconic David Hockney paintings, subtly doctoring glossy magazine ads, and subversively slotting life-sized painted cardboard cut-outs into real-life situations (for example, the hedges of Beverly Hills).  He will be conversing with Lawrence Weschler, the award-winning author of seminal books, among others, on Robert Irwin (Seeing is Forgetting the Name or the Thing One Sees, 1981/2008); the Museum of Jurassic Technology (Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, 1995); torture in Latin America (A Miracle, A Universe: Settling Accounts with Torturers, 1990)—and now Domestic Scenes: The Art of Ramiro Gomez (Abrams: April 2016).

Domestic Scenes: The Art of Ramiro Gomez by Lawrence Weschler will be available for purchase. Book signing to follow.



Thursday, April 28, 2016. 05:30 PM


Bolivar House, 582 Alvarado Row


Center for Latin American Studies


(650) 725-0383


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