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CLAS Lecture Series: Speech, Words and Power: Psychoanalysis among Dispossessed Populations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

After two decades of ethnographic research on several health issues linked to urban poverty in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, Professor Maria Epele will explore the psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapies in marginalized populations. This presentation opens verbal actions to scrutiny and analyzes the ways in which they model - and are modeled by psychotherapies, local economies and logics of power in marginalized settings. 
Dra. María Epele is an Argentine medical anthropologist. She is a professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Flacso and a Researcher at the National Council for Science and Technology of Argentina (CONICET). She investigates several health issues: social inequality, poverty and health vulnerability, HIV-AIDS epidemic, drug use, power and violence, gender and sexuality. Her recent books are: Sujetar por la Herida. Una Etnografía sobre Drogas, Pobreza y Salud (Buenos Aires, Paidós 2010); Padecer, Cuidar y Tratar (Editor, Buenos Aires, Antropofagia, 2013).
Professor Epele is currently a Tinker Visiting Professor at the Stanford Center for Latin American Studies. She is teaching ANTHRO 337B: Anthropological Approaches to Health Issues in Contemporary Latin America in Spring Quarter 2016.



Friday, April 1, 2016. 12:30 PM


Bolivar House, 582 Alvarado Row


Center for Latin American Studies


(650) 725-0383


Lunch Provided | No RSVP Necessary