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A Discussion on the Tolerability of Critical Infrastructure Risks

Professor Paul Slovic University of OregonDr. Desmond HartfordBC HydroHonorable Kathleen M. Banke California Court of Appeals, First Appellate District, Division OneMr. Patrick Regan Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,Principal Engineer, Risk-Informed Decision-Making
Critical infrastructure systems (dams, levees, water supply systems, gas transmission systems, nuclear and non-nuclear power facilities, etc.) provide significant societal benefits that must be traded off with the costs (social, economic and environment) and the residual risk of potential system failures and even catastrophes (San Bruno Gas Pipeline Explosion, Levee Failures during Hurricane Katrina, etc.). The symposium speakers will discuss the range of issues (technical, regulatory, legal and societal) that are necessarily a part of the dialogue to address the tolerability and management of critical infrastructure risks. Following the formal presentations, there will be an open discussion and the speakers will answer questions from the audience.



Wednesday, May 21, 2014. 03:30PM


History Corner 200-203


Presented in association with CEE 207M Critical Infrastructure Management and Co-sponsored by National Performance of Dams Program and John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center




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