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Dissertation Defense - Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne: Parodies of Paideia: Prose Fiction and High Learning in the Roman Empire

Three works of Imperial prose fiction – The Life of Aesop, Apollonius of Tyre, and the Alexander Romance – rank among the most translated and adapted literary texts of the classical tradition. Because of their longstanding reputations as popular entertainment, however, classicists have little understanding of their ancient authors, audiences, and place within the Imperial literary landscape. In this dissertation defense, Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne argues that Aesop, Apollonius, and Alexander must be understood as parodies of the classical school curriculum. Satirizing the core authors of literate education, Imperial fiction offers us a glimpse into how aspiring intellectual communities in Roman world negotiated the pedagogical and ideological values of elite learning.  



Wednesday, November 18, 2015. 09:00 AM


Classics Department, Building 110


Department of Classics




Free and open to the public.