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From Dunhuang, China, to the Getty Center, Los Angeles: Opportunities and Challenges of Exhibiting Buddhist Cave Temples and Their Art

Mimi Gardner Gates
Director Emerita, Seattle Art Museum
In 2016, the Getty Center, Los Angeles, will feature the first major US exhibition about the Buddhist Grottoes of Dunhuang located on the Chinese Silk Road.How to create an engaging visitor experience which conveys not only the extraordinary beauty of the Buddhist art at Dunhuang, but also evokes the spiritual power of the site and its myriad devotional images?  This talk will discuss original works of art from the Library Cave at Dunhuang - hanging painted banners and embroideries, artists' sketches and pounces, hand-copied sutras and prints, such as the Diamond Sutra, d. 868, as well as full-scale, hand-painted replica caves.
Silk Road Buddhism



Thursday, January 29, 2015. 06:00 PM


Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center


Humanities Center, Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford




Free and open to the public