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Energy Seminar: Max Tavoni, Modeling Post 2020 Global Climate Change Policies (Confessions of an Integrated Assessment Modeler)

Implementing measures which allows us to start reducing global emissions is an important objective of international climate policy. Against the limited progress being observed so far, there are rising expectations about a post 2020 climate agreement - to be agreed upon in the Paris UNFCCC meeting in 2015. This talk will summarize the state of knowledge of the modeling work on global climate and energy policies. Reporting from the literature of energy-economy-land use integrated models -which provided major input to the IPCC 5th assessment report WGIII- I will assess the relation between short term mitigation actions and long term temperature objectives, the impacts of climate measures in the major economies, the difficult relation between efficiency and equity, and the role of abundant natural gas for climate change.

Brief Bio:
Max Tavoni is a 2014-15 fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioural Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford, and associate professor at the Politecnico di Milano. His research is about modeling climate change mitigation policies. Max was a lead author of the 5th assessment report of the IPCC, the co-director of the International Energy Workshop and deputy editor at Climatic Change.
Recommended Readings:
IPCC 5th Assessment Report Working Group III:



Monday, November 3, 2014. 04:15 PM


NVIDIA auditorium, Huang Engineering


Precourt Institute for Energy




Free and open to all