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The Experience of Immersion

The promise of Virtual Reality (VR) is a presence so powerful that it feels real. VR simulations are potent, treated by the human brain as real events. VR technology imbues 360 degree views with a sense of physical presence - creating an entirely new medium. The experience can induce a specific psychological state – without the physical effects. VR users are immersed in story, suspending disbelief and heightening empathy for a powerful and transportive experience.
As the headsets and devices that deliver Virtual Reality become commercially available - what is the ecosystem that will develop around them? What are the implications for media and entertainment - for content that extends beyond brief demonstrations, for narratives that immerse the user in experience? What are the implications for learning and training - for academia and for enterprise?
Join us on November 16th as these World Leaders become Immersed in these issues. Exhibits Open at 12pm and Go Until 6pm. Talks Begin at 1pm

Stanford Faculty, Staff and Students please email Addy Dawes for a registration code.



Monday, November 16, 2015. 12:00 PM


Arrillaga Alumni Center 326 Galvez St Stanford, CA 94305






Open to the Public, Seating is Limited.
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