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Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia presented by Stanford Arts Institute and Camera As Witness, Graduate School of Education

Stanford Arts Institute and Camera As Witness, School of Education presentINDIVIDUAL TO UNIVERSAL series co-presented with the Stanford Film SocietyGore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia(90 min) USA     Director: Nicholas D. WrathallProducers: Nicholas D. Wrathall, Theodore James, Burr Steers Executive Producers: Nicholas Wrathall, Eric Nelson, Chad Troutwine,Damon Martin
"Life is short but the art is long." -Gore Vidal. No twentieth-century figure has moved as easily and confidently and had a more profound effect in the worlds of literature, drama, film, politics, historical debate and the culture wars than Gore Vidal. He was a brilliant novelist, political essayist, literary critic, historian, scenarist, television pundit, political activist and candidate. As a raconteur, lecturer and platform performer, he is rivaled only by Mark Twain. His overview of the current state of the republic and the health of US democracy is unique and incisive. His return to America marks perhaps the last great stage in his creative career and the film represents an extraordinary opportunity to share his view on America in the twenty-first century. Vidal has run for Congress twice and on radio and TV; Vidal has continued to be a kind of statesmen-in exile, writing best-selling novels and commentary on the American socio-political scene. The film incorporates TV clips of Vidal spanning some fifty years, from his historic encounters with William F. Buckley at the 1968 Democratic National Convention to his legendary interviews on Dick Cavett and David Susskind, to his present-day appearances on shows like Real Time with Bill Maher. The film features interviews with Gore Vidal, Burr Steers, Christopher Hitchens, Jodie Evans, Tim Robbins, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sting, David Mamet, Bob Scheer, William F. Buckley, Jay Parini, Norman Mailer, Nina Straight and Dick Cavett.Thursday, April 217:00PM Screening and DiscussionCERAS building room 101, Stanford Graduate School of Education, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford University 
Following the screening discussion with filmmaker Nicholas Wrathall moderated by Jasmina Bojic, Camera As Witness Program Director and Founder of the international documentary film festival UNAFF FREE and open to the general public



Thursday, April 21, 2016. 07:00 PM


Graduate School of Education CERAS Building Rm: 101, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford University


Stanford Arts, Stanford Film Society, Camera as Witness Program, Stanford Global Studies Division


(650) 725-0012


FREE and open to the general public