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The Humanities PhD Journalist Project: Information Session

The Humanities Ph.D. Journalist Project is designed to promote the humanities at Stanford University and train doctoral students in humanistic disciplines to write for a broad audience. In consultation with Chris Kark, the director of humanities communications, students produce stories for the Stanford News Service, whose publications include the Stanford Report, the university’s official news publication, and the Dish, a recap of events and awards directed at the university community. Doctoral students, who are compensated for each story published, can also submit essays, blog posts, and book reviews to the Stanford Humanities Review (SHR), a Medium-based publication that champions humanities scholarship aimed chiefly at the intellectually curious public. Modeled on the traditional book review supplement, it fosters conversation about ideas in essays, blog post, book reviews, and audiovisual media. SHR curates informed opinion from humanities scholars at Stanford University and prizes the rigor and passion that animate the written word. 
An overview with ample time for questions, this workshop provides all information needed for attendees to decide whether they’re interested in writing for the Stanford Report and the Stanford Humanities Review.
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Monday, October 10, 2016. 12:00PM


Stanford Humanities Center Board Room


Stanford Humanities Center