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'Ilm wa 'Amal: Nature, Body and Space in Medieval and early Modern Islamicate Societies

This workshop brings together scholars of diverse specializations to consider the nature of the relationship between theory/knowledge (‘ilm) and practice/action (‘amal) in the premodern “scientific” tradition(s) of the Islamicate world through the prism of body and space. How did different fields in theoretical and practical sciences in the premodern Islamicate world - such as astrology, medicine, alchemy, and engineering - conceptualize the relationship between theory and practice? How does the conventional separation of knowledge and action erode, if at all, through the late medieval and early modern periods? While different fields presupposed hierarchies and prioritizations between knowledge/theory and action/practice, how did they situate knowledge of practice, such as artisanal knowledge?



Friday, April 14, 2017. 09:00 AM


Lane History Building 200, Room 307


Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, Program in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology




free and open to the public