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Indian Literature and Culture in Medieval China: A Focus on Manuscripts from Dunhuang and Turfan

Chen Ming, Peking University
Apart from a large number of Chinese translations of Indian Buddhist texts and Buddhist commentaries composed by the Chinese themselves, the Dunhuang and Turfan manuscript finds contain many other kinds of texts relating to Sino-Indian cultural exchange. These non-Buddhist manuscripts deal especially with literature (mainly folk tales), geography or travel notes, divination, science, technology and medicine. This lecture will focus on these manuscripts from Dunhuang and Turfan. Exploring them will reveal the complexity of Sino-Indian cultural exchange in the medieval period and help us to understand it better.
Silk Road Buddhism



Thursday, December 4, 2014. 06:00PM


Main Quad, Bldg. 70, Room 72A1


Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford




Open to the public