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Irvine Arditti, violin, and composer Roger Reynolds: Workshop / Performance

CCRMA hosts a performance of Pulitzer Prize–winning Roger Reynolds' composition Shifting / Drifting for solo violin and real time computer processing, performed by acclaimed English violinist Irvine Arditti (founder of the celebrated Arditti Quartet) and computer musician Paul Hembree. This performance — just 10 days after the piece's world premiere in San Diego — will be preceded by a discussion of the artists' collaborative process and a workshop demonstrating the musical sources and algorithmic strategies that were used in Shifting / Drifting. Inspired by Reynolds’ 30-year friendship with Arditti, Shifting / Drifting is a metaphorical journey from the violinist to the computer musician. "The new work is a response to [Arditti] and to his instrument,” explains Reynolds, suggesting the “two ways of moving — also of being — that seem... inherent in the way my friend Irvine plays his violin. At times, a sudden and decisive shift from one position to another is called for; at others, a gradual and subtle repositioning of the hand (or an attitude) is more appropriate: ‘shifting’ or ‘drifting’."



Monday, October 5, 2015. 05:00 PM




Department of Music