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Red Ant Dream: The Life of Revolutionary Possibility in India, Film Screening and Discussion with Director Sanjay Kak

‘Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist’, the revolutionary patriot Bhagat Singh had said almost a hundred years ago, and that forewarning travels into India’s present, as armed insurrection simmers in Bastar, in the troubled heart of central India. To the east too, beleaguered adivasis from the mineral-rich hills of Odisha come forth bearing their axes, and their songs. And in the north the swelling protests by Punjabi peasants sees hope coagulate–once more–around that iconic figure of Bhagat Singh, revolutionary martyr of the anti-colonial struggle. But are revolutions even possible anymore? Or have those dreams been ground down into our nightmares? This is a chronicle of those who live the revolutionary ideal in India, a rare encounter with the invisible domain of those whose everyday is a fight for another ideal of the world.
About the director:
Sanjay Kak is an independent documentary film-maker whose films Jashn-e-Azadi (How we celebrate freedom, 2007, about the idea of freedom in Kashmir), Words on Water (2002, about the struggle against the Narmada dams in central India; Best Long Film prize at the Internacional Festival of Environmental Film & Video, Brazil), and In the forest hangs a bridge (1999, about the making of a 1000 ft bridge of cane and bamboo in north east India; Golden Lotus Best Documentary Film National Film Awards; Asian Gaze Award, Pusan Short Film Festival, Korea) reflect his interests in ecology, alternatives and resistance politics.
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Friday, April 4, 2014. 07:00 PM


Anthroplogy Colloquium Room, Building 50, Room 51A


Center for South Asia




Free and open to the public.