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Redefining Success

What if success was not defined by money or power alone? There is a proverb which says - 'If you want to know how rich you are, try to find how many things you HAVE, that money CANNOT buy’.
Join us for an exciting evening with Radhanath Swami, a yogi, community builder, social activist and acclaimed author, who will share realizations from his new best-seller book - “The Journey Within” - How to redefine success and lead a purposeful, deeply satisfying blissful and meaningful life. It's a free event with complimentary vegetarian dinner!  Biography of the Speaker:Radhanath Swami is a spiritual and humanitarian leader, community builder, author and a public speaker. As a countercultural American teenager, he left a promising career behind and hitchhiked all the way across the world. Convinced from his world travels that the fundamental problems of the society are simply caused by basic human frailties irrespective of race, nationality, sex or economic status, he decided to dedicate his life to the exploration of solutions to the world's problems through advancement of human consciousness.
Results? With no bank account nor a single penny to his name, Radhanath Swami, together with his highly-energetic team of professionals, has built a visionary hospital in Mumbai that provides low-cost and free holistic healthcare, a midday meal program that feeds 1.2 million meals a day for students, an eco-village, an orphanage for underprivileged children, a children's school that provides holistic education in a loving and fun atmosphere, free eye camps that have removed cataract for 40,000 patients to date, and an hospice for terminally ill patients. He travels all over the world guiding and mentoring many entrepreneurs and business leaders.



Thursday, July 21, 2016. 06:45 PM


Room 200, William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, 370 Serra Mall, Stanford CA


Bhakti Yoga Club




Free for students, staffs, alumni and their accompanying friends