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Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Pomona College): Animality and Apuleius' Ethics of Translation

This paper explains how Apuleius uses the discourse of animality to defend his varied intellectual activity in the competitive world of Second Sophistic performance.  By focusing on how he recycles and reworks well-known discussions of animals in the Greco-Roman literary tradition, we will explore how Apuleius distinguishes and dignifies his voice as a necessary link in the chain of transmission from Plato to his contemporary audience.
Sasha-Mae Eccleston is an assistant professor of Classics at Pomona College.  Her work explains how narratives acquire and/or lose cultural value, respond to economies of production, and engage with ideological systems.  Her research encompasses Greco-Roman narratives from the Roman Empire, contemporary poetry, contemporary novels, and even films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Currently, she is working on two book projects, one on animal imagery and narrative ethics in the works of a Roman orator and philosopher named Apuleius and another on how contemporary American adaptations of Greco-Roman verse reflect 21st century constructions of gender.



Friday, December 2, 2016. 12:30PM


Building 110, Rm 112


Department of Classics




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