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Sitta von Reden (Freiburg/Germany): Global Economic History 1000 BCE — 600 CE

Reception with refreshments at 5:00 PM, the talk will begin at 5:15 PM.
The talk will explore ancient economic history in global perspective. It will argue that imperial state formation was a necessary precondition for cross-cultural trade to develop and that agrarian reorganization within states led to the increase in surplus production and consumption that created larger circuits of exchange spanning across political boundaries.  The paper will address also some methodological issues relating to the potential and limits of writing world history.Sitta von Reden is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Freiburg/Germany. She has worked and taught at several British Universities in the past and is currently a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. She has published widely on various aspects of the ancient economy, while her special interests include monetization and the monetary economy of Hellenistic Egypt.



Monday, April 14, 2014. 05:00 PM


Building 110, Room 112


Department of Classics