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Sprint Beyond the Book: The Future of Reading

How are digital platforms changing our engagement with books? How can we create digital texts that rival the material sophistication of the printed book? As the definition of reading changes in the network era, are we changing the definition of the self, the humanities, and knowledge itself? How will game mechanics, play, and performance shape the future of reading?

On May 12-14, 2014, renowned authors, musicians, journalists, artists and scholars will answer these questions and others as they collaboratively write and publish a book on The Future of Reading in just three days. In collaboration with Stanford's Center for the Study of the Novel  This “book sprint” is an experiment in the future of the book as a collaborative, performative, and playful exercise. Join the authors for this public panel and conversation exploring the Future of Reading.


Mark Algee-Hewitt, Associate Director of the Literary Lab and research associate in the Department of English at Stanford

Ed Finn, Direcotr of the Center for Science and the Imagination and Assistant Professor of Arts, Media, and Engineering and of English, Arizona State University

Dan Gilmore, Professor of journalism at Arizona State University and columnist for The Guardian

Eileen Gunn, science fiction author and publisher

David Rothenberg, experimental musician and professor of philosophy and music, New Jersey Institute of Technology



Tuesday, May 13, 2014. 04:00PM


Margaret Jacks Hall, Terrace Room


Center for the Study of the Novel




Free and open to the public.